Basic equipments you need to have at your dental clinic

In this article, we will review the varioustypes of instruments and equipmentused at a dental clinic, which will come in handyif you are thinking about opening your own clinic,want to renew a particular product line or if you simply want to know more about certain products. Let’s start with the basic instruments needed at a clinic: The following dental instruments

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Digital: a major trend at IDS 2019

In 2019 edition of the IDS, International Dental Show was held. And if a trend seems to have emerged from this edition, it is the preponderance of digital among dental innovations. What are the main features of thisdigital revolutionwhich seems to blow on thedental sector? 1. 3D intraoral scanning: deep dental radiography Digital comes first of all to shake up theintraoral radiography. We

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Types of Dental Burs

Because there are more than 5,000 types ofdental burswhich differentiate themselves by their shape, size or the material they are made out of, this makes them one of the most abundant products indental warehouse. For this reason, dental burs have a standard or ISO coding, which all manufacturers use in a similar way, and therefore making it a little easier

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